Star Trek

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/10
Story: 4/10
Presentation: 5/10

Movie cast provides voices

Very buggy | Uninteresting story | Dull gameplay | Graphical problems

As someone who isn’t at all a Star Trek fan, I thought when I popped this bad boy into my Xbox that it would be a game that would make me appreciate its roots, much like the past Batman games have made me want to watch the cartoons and movies while trying to read the comics at the same time in a great multitasking mounevre. However, if this game is any indication of what Star Trek is about, I want to set my ship’s coordinates back to the Star Trek Ignorance galaxy…

Star Trek is a third person shooter, with weak gameplay and weak story. The gameplay is repetitive and bland. You can stealth around and sneak past enemies, but most encounters are ‘get behind chest high walls’ and gundown some lizard looking things. While there are a lot of weapons in the game, they all feel the same and some are riddled with technical bugs. It’s boring and it’s even boring explaining it. With a co-op or AI partner in either Spock or Kirk, the game is just as boring and nothing separates the two. No cool abilities and no real story driven dialogue between them either.


So those lizard things I was talking about, turns out they stole some kind of super weapon and it’s up to Spock and Kirk to take it back from their lizardy hands. While most of the main characters are voiced and modelled after the actual movie actors, they really can’t help the bad story. It’s plain, it’s generic and it’s boring. The characters are really hard to take seriously because they look and act stupid. Syncing is way off and animations are stiff and are just plain bad. So if you’re a fan of Star Trek and can forgive the bad gameplay, good luck forgiving the story.

This is a bad game, for many reasons. The combat is boring and repetitive, and is made even worse by the many technical problems Star Trek has. In an attempt the counter the monotonous combat, you often find yourself in situations where the game makes you take part in even more tedious minigames. They’re dull, too easy and really only make the game more boring. Luckily, you have your Tricorder, this little gadget allows you to see through walls, follow wires and highlight enemies. Remember how fun something like this was in Batman? Well, in Star Trek it makes the game feel so much slower as you’re forever using it and you can’t run while it’s working.


Star Trek is built on the foundation of a co-op experience, you can be either Kirk or Spock, leaving the other to be a friend or a very, very stupid AI drone. Star Trek will almost always tell you that you could be playing co-op right now, but why bother? It adds nothing and still leaves the game just as boring. Sometimes co-op can save a game and make it quite enjoyable, not the case here. Co-op features nothing original and nothing you can’t get from a single player experience, so stick to exploring space on your own. While you’re doing that you can gain XP points and level Kirk and Spock up, it adds a bit to the game as you can find collectables and scan alien hardware to obtain XP, but other than that it just feels tacked-on.

This no doubt is the part of the review where I say, “fans of Star Trek will be able to forgive this game and enjoy it for all its Star Treky goodness.” But I won’t. I don’t think anyone could forgive this game. It’s bland, dull, filled with bugs, features a generic weak plot and it is boring, boring, boring. Set your phasers to avoid and dodge Star Trek at all costs.


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  • Ali Al Hadi Hijazi

    good review on a shit game

  • jimmy butler

    hahaha delicious puns kieran